In 2012 a blind man, called Francis, decided that he wanted to help others so he started to set up the Highway Disabled People’s Self Help Group, with the aim of giving disabled people and those who care for them the opportunity to help themselves.

The determination which pushes Francis to travel the 10 kilometres from Githogoro Slums to Nairobi, is inspired by a passion to ensure that members of the community who previously felt that they were burdens can see a way to supporting themselves.

Like many people with a desire to help, he turned to Evanson, founder of Compassion CBO, for assistance with setting up the group, writing the constitution and working out the best ways of generating income for the members.

Now the Highway Disabled Group have 20 members – mostly women, an office, where they meet once a month to help each other out, balancing abilities to ensure that projects work, and they give each other the moral support that they need.

Their major challenge is capital to start projects, Evanson was able to secure them some land for planting but they are looking at trying to get a machine that makes briquettes of charcoal and soil. However, as most of the members haven’t been able to hold down jobs due to their disabilities, or because they have to care for family members, saving is hard work for them.