Compassion CBO Young Leader

Compassion CBO is composed of board, staff, volunteers, and well-wishers who are committed to improve the lives of children, girls and women and help them build resilience from lack of access to education, gender based violence and overcome stigma discrimination and marginalisation

Board of Directors

Phylis WanjikuPhylis Wanjiku - Board Chairlady
Community Development /Human Rights Actvist






Joan Mawia Joan Mawia: Deputy Chairlady
Joan holds a Masters Degree in Community Development.






AlexanderAlexander Muthui - Board Treasurer
An accountant by profession






Susan NjeriSusan Njeri - Secretary Board Member
Community Development/Secretariat






Festus KinyuaFestus Kinyua - Vice chairman
Retired Educationist






Priscillah MumbePriscilla Mumbe: Executive director
Priscilla holds a Bachelor of Education.






Evanson NjeruEvanson Njeru - Programme Director






Rose NjokiRose Njoki: Financial officer
Rose is a Certified Public Accountant.







  • Implementing decisions revolving around the organisation.
  • Making reasonable decisions on behalf of the organisation.
  • Advising members where necessary.
  • Making policy decisions for the organisation.
  • Preparing the organisation budget.
  • Advising, monitoring and maintaining the planned programmes.
  • Establishing special administrative sub-committee.
  • Preparing and organising meetings.
  • Interviewing and hiring volunteers.
  • Seeking donor support and giving commitment to donors for proper accountability of funding.
  • Supporting orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Mobilizing resources for proper execution of the objectives of Compassion CBO.
  • Doing all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.
  • Partnering with other organisations and individuals locally, regionally and internationally in furtherance of the objectives of Compassion CBO.
  • Practicing integrity of the highest level, observing honesty and working with openness and respect.

Compassion Network

The Blessings Womens Group

Blessings Women's Group

Blessings Women's Group is situated on the edge of Githogoro Slum and runs a daycare centre and agricultural projects. Compassion CBO is helping them to register the group with the Kenyan Government.

News & Blogs

We need a new school!

In April 2018, our school was demolished. We need help to start again.