How You Can Help

  • Compassion CBO anti-FGM Seminar
    $11 could pay for a girl to attend a two week anti-FGM seminar and undergo an alternative rite of passage
  • $25 could feed a child at the school for a term
    $25 could feed a child at the school for a term
  • Seedlings grown to start small scale agricultural projects
    $50 could provide start up costs for a women to start selling fruit & vegetable
  • One of many Compassion CBO Empowerment projects
    $70 could buy a women a pig (including vaccination)
  • Compassion CBO Children's Centre
    $100 could pay the rent for the school for one month
  • Primary education at the Compassion CBO Children's Centre

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Donation Information


Our Mission

  • To overcome poverty through education and long-term sustainable development;
  • To advocate for children and women, to release them from economical and social poverty;
  • To enable them to live responsible and fulfilled lives.

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Compassion Network

Kanya Widows

Kanya Widows

Kanya Widows meet twice a month in Tinganga to support each other and the families of all the members. They provide food and some books to meet the basic needs of the children of the members, many of whom struggle to support their families on only one income,…

News & Blogs

Nairobi cancer survivor has hope at last

Margret is among many women Compassion CBO trained in 2015. She has survived breast Cancer 2 times. Now aged 63 years it was in 1993 she underwent total Mastectomy sad enough it had a recurrence in 2013. She was put under adjuvant chemotherapy where she has…