The Compassion Network

The Compassion Network is a cooperative of small local groups. Membership of the co-operative entitles the groups to receive training and support by Compassion CBO. Compassion CBO helps members of the network to write their constitutions and register with the Kenyan Government, which then enables them to receive small loans and grants.
Each member group subscribes to a common ethos of supporting the rights of women in the community and working together to fight poverty.
The network includes groups with a wide range of interests from all different parts of society from people working in the same area, such as flower growers, to groups of HIV+ people, Women's Groups, Cancer Survivor Groups and many more.

Membership of the network is free.

Kiambu Cancer Support Group

The Kiambu Cancer Support Group

Kiambu Cancer Support Group was set up initially for breast cancer survivors, but has now opened to survivors of all types of cancer. The group meets in Kiambu Hospital, and also visits bedridden members there, providing any support they can.

Started in 2014, initially for breast cancer survivors, the group is now in the process of registering with the Kenyan Government and has opened to survivors of all types of cancer.

The group already has 50 members, most of whom are breast cancers survivors. The board consists of eight women and one man, a doctor at the Kiambu Hospital, which is where they meet twice a month. Apart from these formal group meetings, they also visit members in hospital and when they are bedridden, providing any support they can.

Those in recovery are also dedicated to raising the awareness of many types of cancers, using churches and other public forums to explain not only the warning signs but also encouraging people to seek medical attention instead of ignoring the problem. While their funds are limited at the moment, they hope to raise some money to help those in need and also to hold bigger awareness raising events.