The Compassion Network

The Compassion Network is a cooperative of small local groups. Membership of the co-operative entitles the groups to receive training and support by Compassion CBO. Compassion CBO helps members of the network to write their constitutions and register with the Kenyan Government, which then enables them to receive small loans and grants.
Each member group subscribes to a common ethos of supporting the rights of women in the community and working together to fight poverty.
The network includes groups with a wide range of interests from all different parts of society from people working in the same area, such as flower growers, to groups of HIV+ people, Women's Groups, Cancer Survivor Groups and many more.

Membership of the network is free.

Kiambu Volunteers

Kiambu Volunteers

Set up by Compassion CBO trainer Michael in 2013, Kiambu Volunteers is made up of 15 HIV+ volunteers, aged about 30 - 50 years old who have been trained in community work by Compassion CBO.

They are spread across the seven sub-counties of Kiambu county but work together on projects such as flower growing for export. They are currently on their second year out of three of renting a small plot from a farmer where they grow arabicum flowers.

Mostly they work on HIV related issues, such as counselling, home visits, which will often include pill counting to ensure that those they visit are sticking to their ARV regiment.

They also work to combat FGM, using their position within the community in each sub-county to discover when and where it is taking place and then reporting it to the local government.
The last part of their work is training young women in skills that they can use to generate income and empower themselves.