The Compassion Network

The Compassion Network is a cooperative of small local groups. Membership of the co-operative entitles the groups to receive training and support by Compassion CBO. Compassion CBO helps members of the network to write their constitutions and register with the Kenyan Government, which then enables them to receive small loans and grants.
Each member group subscribes to a common ethos of supporting the rights of women in the community and working together to fight poverty.
The network includes groups with a wide range of interests from all different parts of society from people working in the same area, such as flower growers, to groups of HIV+ people, Women's Groups, Cancer Survivor Groups and many more.

Membership of the network is free.

Ndumberi Compassion Self Help Group

The Ndumberi Compassion Self Help Group

Ndumberi Compassion Self Help Group is based in Kiambu, although some women come from as far as the Githogoro slum to participate. They make bags, baskets, mats and jewellery from fabric, and recycled bundling straps and wooden beads, that are sold locally.

The Ndumberi Compassion Self Help Group began in 2014. There are already 20 members in the group and their leader, Rosa, provides them with a space to do their craftwork in her rented house.

They make bags, baskets, mats and jewellery from fabric, and recycled bundling straps and wooden beads, that are sold locally; although they are looking at making enough to introduce their products into supermarkets. Another way they guarantee sales is by taking orders from individuals.

The group began with Evanson (founder of Compassion CBO) and Rose, who then found the other members and is now completely self-sufficient, despite getting no outside funding. The trainer, who has been teaching the women new skills, was initially paid for by Evanson but is now being paid for the by the group. Other funding comes from the members themselves who take a little from what they make on their outside products, like chicken rearing, running kiosks, washing and sewing. They use their money to buy the materials and the profits are then shared equally amongst the members.

While they meet to make their products, they also watch DVDs donated by Thare Machi to educate themselves about health issues such as nutrition and the dangers of smoking and alcohol.

Our Mission

  • To overcome poverty through education and long-term sustainable development;
  • To advocate for children and women, to release them from economical and social poverty;
  • To enable them to live responsible and fulfilled lives.

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