Margret is among many women Compassion CBO trained in 2015. She has survived breast Cancer 2 times.

Now aged 63 years it was in 1993 she underwent total Mastectomy sad enough it had a recurrence in 2013.

She was put under adjuvant chemotherapy where she has spent over $5000 in treatment from 2013.

Every day she takes Tamoxifen. Through thin and thick she has managed to pay $3000 for her medication but has to raise the remaining $2000 and pay for Tamoxifen every month.

Margret is a beneficiary of Compassion CBO women training programme on micro business.

The little did we know Margret will greatly benefit with the training and now she sells home made detergent.

Regularly she sells to the Compassion CBO school in Githogoro Slum. She walks long distances selling the detergent to raise funds for her medical expenses.

Margret belong to Kiambu Cancer Support group a network of Compassion CBO.


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