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COVID-19 Response in Nairobi Slums

Aug 18, 2020 Evanson Njeru

We know from past crises that women are typically left out of traditional disaster relief efforts. That's why we're stepping in as women led organisation...

We need a new school!

May 27, 2018 Evanson Njeru

In April 2018, our school was demolished. We need help to start again.

Nairobi cancer survivor has hope at last

Sep 13, 2016 Evanson Njeru

Margret is among many women Compassion CBO trained in 2015. She has survived breast Cancer 2 times.

Now aged 63 years it was in 1993 she underwent total Mastectomy sad enough it had a recurrence in 2013.

She was put under adjuvant chemotherapy where she has spent over $5000 in treatment from 2013.

Every day she takes Tamoxifen. Through thin and thick she has managed to pay $3000 for her medication but has to raise the remaining $2000 and pay for Tamoxifen every month.

Margret is a…

Compassion CBO launches FGM Campaign Video

Compassion CBO launches film about Anti-FGM campaign in Kenya

Jul 27, 2016 Evanson Njeru

Compassion CBO launches short film about their Anti-FGM campaign in Kenya

FGM Seminar at Heri School

Compassion CBO conducts Anti-FGM Seminar In Heri Junior School.

May 25, 2016 Evanson Njeru

In May, Compassion CBO conducted another Anti-FGM Seminar, to educate children and teachers about the dangers and health hazards related to FGM.

Compassion CBO opens office in Nairobi

Compassion CBO opens office in Nairobi

Mar 17, 2016 Evanson Njeru

Thanks to a grant by Amplify Change to support a new Anti-FGM hotline, Compassion CBO has opened an office in Nairobi.

Compassion CBO campaigns to end #FGM in Kenya

Compassion CBO awarded grant for Anti-FGM Hotlines in Kenya

Feb 06, 2016 Evanson Njeru

Following an intensive selection process, Compassion CBO has been awarded a grant by AmplifyChange to run Anti-FGM Hotlines in Kenya.

Desks donated to Compassion CBO In Memory of Aunty Polly

In Memory of Aunty Polly

Jan 17, 2016 Evanson Njeru

The children of Compassion CBO school in Nairobi are the beneficiaries of a heart-felt tribute from the friends and family of much-loved Parthenia Adams - ‘Aunty Polly’ - who passed away, age 97, in Detroit, Michigan.

Building school roof

Keeping the children dry at school

Oct 24, 2015 Evanson Njeru

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we managed to repair our school roof before the rains started.... Panic had set in at our school in the Githogoro Slums when we heard that there was going to be heavy rain.

UNISON - The Public Services Union

UK Trade Union Helps Grassroots Group in Kenya to End FGM & Empower Women

Jul 27, 2015 Evanson Njeru

At a UK Trade Union conference a delegate, Debbie Hollingsworth, proposed that this year's collection should go to Compassion CBO, a Kenyan non-profit who she had visited. This is the story.

Rural Kenya: Children Dance & Learn the Dangers of FGM

Children dance in Igakiramba, Kenya to end #FGM
There was a lot of singing and dancing and we discussed FGM... The girls all get T-shirts when they ‘graduate’ from the programme but there was one girl without the lime green apparel. I later discovered that she hadn’t been reached in time...

Teaching Girls in Githogoro Slum About the Dangers of FGM

AntiFGM Seminar

The girls were armed with the information that would make it possible for them to argue against anyone trying to talk them into being subject to FGM. Phyllis also made sure that they knew where to turn to if they needed help, and which chief, police station etc. was closest.

Ten Years of Compassion - Touching Lives in Kenya

Evanson, Marty and Family in Githogoro slum where Evanson taught computer lessons

Little Gifts that Have Made a Big Difference – Part 1

Back in 2005, the year I struggled so much to start an educational centre for children, a friend of mine whispered to me of a white man in Runda Estate, looking for pastors to train in computer knowledge. I thought that must be a very rich man to sponsor all those people. My friend told me about the house where the man was living and that a number of pastors had met there once, and introductions were made with them. I said I will go and see what happens.

A Small World - Compassion for Grassroots Women and Children


When I was asked if I would like to sponsor a Kenyan not-for-profit organisation called Compassion CBO, I first looked at their website to see what it is all about. What struck me straight away were the first few lines:

“Compassion CBO is a grassroots, not-for-profit Community - working to eradicate poverty through education .... and to rehabilitate orphans and vulnerable children.”

Diary of a Volunteer: Chickens for Women's Empowerment in the Slums of Nairobi

Compassion chickens

Linnet Griffith-Jones writes about volunteering at Compassion CBO in Kenya

Today Compassion's chicken project has finally begun! We had to start off on a smaller scale than we wanted - there are vaccinations, antibiotics and glucose... Not to mention the building work, feeder, water dispensers and heat lamps that Compassion had to get. Another problem is the unreliability of the power supply...

Diary of a Volunteer: Cooperation - at the Heart of Compassion

Digging the shamba

Linnet Griffith-Jones writes about volunteering at Compassion CBO in Kenya

It is a great feeling to be even a very small part of what Compassion CBO does... Every couple of weeks, women from Bethsaida Women's Group come and dig up sweet potatoes for three hours a day, which are shared between the women's group and the orphanage.

Diary of a Volunteer: Learning Grassroots Business Planning in the Slums of Nairobi

Nairobi business planning

Linnet Griffith-Jones writes about volunteering at Compassion CBO, in Kenya

My First Week of Training - Beginning at the Beginning

Having spent most of last month meeting some of Compassion's local partners and groups and reading the training manual provided by an MBA team from theKelley School of Business, Indiana University, I've been pretty excited to start on the training,

We started very locally with representatives from three groups. After consultation, we had realised that training the whole group wasn't totally in their favour as some had work, others had families to look after.

Diary of a Volunteer: January is the Month for Meetings

Flower Growers

Linnet Griffith-Jones writes about her first week in Kenya

So I seem to be settling in to life here quite quickly, well compared to Uganda, where I remember feeling culture shock for ages. Don't get me wrong, I still spend a lot of time confused, especially by the money - I am still not entirely sure when things are expensive or when they are cheap but there is something weirdly comforting about hearing prices given in "bob"!

The main reason I'm feeling so at home is because of Evanson, the wonder boss! He's been massively understanding the couple of times I have had to call in sick because of eating something a bit off the night before or gone home a bit earlier than the other teachers because the heat has gotten to me.

Diary of a Volunteer: First Impressions

Ndumberi Compassion Self Help Group Group

Linnet Griffith-Jones writes about volunteering at Compassion CBO in Kenya

Getting to know Kenya

So I have now been here for a week and a half and am starting to settle in and get to grips with life in Africa again.

Having lived in neighbouring Uganda last year, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect but living in the neighbouring country now has shown me how massively inaccurate generalisations are when you are talking about Africa. Kampala and Nairobi obviously have some resemblance: the weather is pretty similar, the matatus (minibus taxis that carry about fourteen people) look almost the same, but Nairobi is a lot bigger: the buildings are newer, the roads bigger and the boda-bodas [motorbike taxis] that are ubiquitous in Kampala have been banned from Nairobi city centre making it feel a lot calmer, especially as there also seems to be a lot more trees and greenery.

Finding Compassion - Grassroots Help for Women and Children in Kenya

Debbie with Compassion CBO

Debbie Hollingsworth writes about volunteering at Compassion CBO in kenya

Googling Women's Projects in Nairobi

For nearly two years I had been planning and saving for a trip of my lifetime to Kenya. In addition to the traditional safari/beach resort holiday, we (my friend Angela Jeffrey and I) wanted to link in with some projects because we had heard so much about the high levels of poverty largely experienced by women and children and the inter linked health and inequality issues they face on a daily basis.

I didn’t think it was going to be easy accessing any projects, but amazingly it was. I simply googled ‘women’s projects in Nairobi’ and up popped a link about some grandmothers rearing pigs as a means of earning a living for themselves and their families.

Compassion Network

Karukira Mwomboko Dancers

Karukira Mwomboko Dancers

Formed in 2010 the Karukira Mwomboko Dancers is a group of 10 dancers who use traditional Kikuyu dance, songs drama and comedy to educate people about the dangers of FGM, tribalism and HIV/AIDS while stressing the positive aspects of Kikuyu culture.