Economic Empowerment Trainings 2015

DateLocationAttendanceGroups Attending
2nd-6th February Runda Baptist Church, Githogoro 12 Inukarunda Flower Growers Association, Blessings Women's Group
9th-13th February Githogoro 30 Highway Disabled Self Help Group
16th-18th February Bethsaida Orphanage 9 Bethsaida Women's Empowement, Women of One Vision, Kamae Genesis Self Help Group, Kenyatta Hope Support Group, Generation Guiders CBO
16th-18th February Kagongo Community School 5 Kagongo Women's Group
23rd-25th February Tinganga 16 Red Ribbon, Kiambu Cancer Support Group, Happy Grandmothers, Kanya Widows
25th-28th February Ndumberi 6 Ndumberi Compassion Self Help Group
11th March Limuru 19 Kamaru Widows
2nd April Limuru 7 Kiambu Volunteers
3rd April Tinganga 14 Kanya Widows
September Soweto 30 Soweto Women group
November Githogoro 40 Compassion School Parents (FGM Seminar)

FGM Trainings 2015

Girls, boys and adults (mainly women) attending each training

DateLocationGirlsAdults and Boys
16 April Githogoro 50 0
22nd April Karuruma, Embu 20 9
29th April Ndeiya, Limuru 21 0
4th May Igakiramba, Tharaka Nithi 23 47
29th July Excel School 126 106
30th July Lizpal School 138 116
30th July Gladkid School 84 78
13th November Compassion School 100 120
3rd December Tharaka-Nithi 89 31

Compassion Network

Highway Disabled Persons Self Help Group

Highway Disabled People's Self Help Group

In 2012 a blind man, called Francis, decided that he wanted to help others so he started to set up the Highway Disabled People's Self Help Group, with the aim of giving disabled people and those who care for them the opportunity to help themselves.

News & Blogs

We need a new school!

In April 2018, our school was demolished. We need help to start again.