Compassion CBO Child in slum‚Äč

Compassion CBO is a grassroots, not-for-profit, Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Kenya. We work to eradicate poverty and enact social change through education and sustainable development in the Githogoro Slums and surrounding areas of Nairobi.

Kindergarten Class

Our projects include Children's Education, Skills Training and Economic Empowerment, Education, HIV/AIDS Education and Support and anti-FGM Advocacy.

Our Mission

We advocate for the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for women and sensitized men and boys about the rights of women and girls.
We work to end gender based violence, empower women economically and socially and enable them to live responsible and fulfilled lives.
We advocate for SRHR Services and long-term sustainable development to promote gender equality for women and see they are given equal footing with men without gender partiality in all matters of lives to compete on equal platform.
We give access to basic education and skills to the marginalized population and groups in low income areas to help them achieve their dreams and overcome many obstacles in live and be able to fight for their rights.


COVID-19 Response in Nairobi Slums

We know from past crises that women are typically left out of traditional disaster relief efforts. That's why we're stepping
Children in Rented hall

We need a new school!

In April our school was demolished. We need help to start again.

Nairobi cancer survivor has hope at last

Margret is among many women Compassion CBO trained in 2015. She has survived breast Cancer 2 times.
Compassion CBO launches FGM Campaign Video

Compassion CBO launches film about Anti-FGM campaign in Kenya

Compassion CBO launches short film about their Anti-FGM campaign in Kenya