Our Projects

Compassion CBO works in the Githogoro Slums outside Nairobi and in Tharaka-Nithi and Embu Counties in the Eastern Province.

Our work focuses on:

  • Children’s education
  • Skills training and economic empowerment
  • The Compassion Network
  • FGM advocacy and education
  • HIV/AIDS education and support

Children’s Education

Teacher at the Compassion CBO School

For many people in the slums of Nairobi, the cost of sending children to primary school is beyond their financial means.
Compassion CBO provides primary school education at the Compassion CBO Children’s Centre (known locally as the Greener Life School).
We help these children up to class 6 and then arrange for them to join a government school.

The school is on land owned by a local church and there is no space for sleeping accommodation, so the children come in the morning and leave in the afternoon. Those who come from further afield are placed with caregivers within the community. We ensure that every child is fed and educated in line with the Kenyan National Curriculum.

Currently we have seven teachers. Some have Certificates of Early Childhood Development Education. Others volunteer as they wait to join colleges or university.

The school opens its doors from 6:45am to 5:00pm. We take both girls and boys from Githogoro, Huruma, and other surroundings slums within Nairobi City. The population of the school stand at 170 and keeps growing every day.

Since 2005, Compassion CBO has enabled 650 vulnerable children to gain access to education.

Skills Training and Economic Empowerment

Teaching women how to raise pigs

Compassion CBO believes in showing people how to change their lives instead of having to rely on others. We believe in providing long term solutions to poverty through giving skills that can provide sustainable incomes. Our greatest challenge is providing the financial support needed to start up in business.

Through business and skills training, we provide women with the opportunity to create and expand businesses in areas such as pig rearing, chicken farming, agriculture, small shops and handcrafts.

Compassion Network

Craft work created by members of the Compassion CBO network

The Compassion CBO network is a cooperative of small local groups to whom we provide training and support.

We have helped or facilitated 20 women’s groups in the slums to start pig rearing, bee keeping, poultry farming, gardens, sewing, craft work and other income generating activities.

Outside Nairobi in the Eastern Province, we have four groups – one farming bananas, one training village girls in sewing and knitting, the other two concentrate on eradicating female genital mutilation (FGM) in Tharaka-Nithi and have helped to rescue over 600 girls.

FGM Advocacy and Education

Working to end FGM

Of the 42 tribes in Kenya, 40 of them practice FGM. Girls from the age of six are forced to undergo the traumatic, painful and dangerous practice of FGM despite the Kenyan Government banning it.

Seminars are held at Igakiramba Catholic Church compound and about 40 girls attend.

Igakiramba is in Maara sub county in Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya. The seminars are held In April, August, and December. It costs Ksh 1000 to keep a girl for two weeks boarding during the training, which means no girl can afford. This limits our capacity and that of the groups to rescue more girls. We have to raise that money, which proves to be very difficult since we have no funding.

Compassion CBO works on the ground with local groups and within the community to advocate for the rights of girls and to help end FGM.

HIV/AIDS Education and Support

Working with the community and other local groups, Compassion CBO helps raise awareness of HIV/AIDS to eradicate the stigma attached to being HIV positive, organises support groups, and provides economic empowerment to HIV+ people within the community.