Kindergarten Class at the Compassion CBO Rescue Centre in the Githogoro slum

Compassion CBO – Our Funding

Compassion CBO relies mostly on the kind donations and gifts from well-wishers, both in the local community and from overseas, as well as running some small-scale projects to enable the organisation to continue.

Compassion’s school in Githogoro Slum admits children from the slums and sets the cost depending on which class they are in. We try to raise the amount through an agreed programme with the parents and guardian at a yearly meeting, purely to defray the running costs such as covering the 10,000 KSH a month rent, a small stipend for the teachers, and to provide food to the students whose parents/guardians are not able to provide this themselves.

Enrolment is free, however we have to raise 400KSH for each child, half of which is a levy that goes to the County Government and half of which is kept as a kind of medical insurance in case the pupil needs any medical care during school hours. Parents/Guardians contribute as much as they can.

From the time of entry, each parent or guardian is advised on how to make a living to meet the basic needs. No charges are put for a parent/guardian until she/he identifies a means of living.

Income generating schemes run by Compassion include the cultivation of three plots of land, or shambas as they are known here. Apart from using the shambas as training places for local women, Compassion grows papayas and other fruits that are then sold to local women at half the usual price. For instance one papaya usually costs 100KSH, we sell them at 50KSH to supplement our activities and also provide local women with a source of income.

We also use other produce to maintain self-sustainability, for instance the sweet potatoes we grow are cooked in school for teachers and students and the remainder sold; we also use the sweet potato leaves to feed to the pigs we keep in order to supplement the cost of feeding the pigs.

Any donations received go to ensure that we can continue to expand the reach of our projects, for instance expanding into poultry rearing so that we can provide many local women with chicks that can enable them to start businesses that can lead to empowerment and positive change, and travelling further afield to teach business training to women