A Living Tribute

Michael Tyson is a loyal supporter of the work of Compassion CBO. He suggested to family and friends that, rather than flowers for the funeral, a living tribute to Aunty Polly would be helping children in Kenya to get a better education.

“As we were putting the details of Aunt Polly’s funeral together I woke up with the thought….Send the funds to Evanston and the kids, instead of flowers.”

“People are asking how I knew about Compassion CBO……people are saying what a great idea……..I’m saying ‘let’s put what few dollars we have here to good work on things we in the States take for granted!’ ”

New Desks

“We were so grateful for the donations, as the School badly needed new desks. The kids are so happy with them. Evanson Njeru”

Our old desks needed changing Building the new desks

New finished desk Compassion CBO Chidren form words In Memory of Aunt Polly

Parthenia Adams – “Aunt Polly”

Aunty Polly

Sunrise: December 6, 1918 – Sunset: December 18, 2015