The Inukarunda Flower Growers Association is a democratic mutual support group to pool skills. They are also dedeciated to conserving the environment that they depend on for their livelihoods. Currently, their primary focus is to obtain piped water, as water supply is a constant challenge.

One of Compassion’s newest groups, the Inukarunda Flower Growers Association, came together in July 2014 after three women flower growers asked Compassion CBO for advice on how to get a group together to support each other.

Following advice, the group gathered another eleven people – men and women, to pool their skills and allow them to do more with what they already have. They are also dedicated to conserving the environment that they depend on for their livelihoods.

Growing and selling plants on the roadside is arduous for individuals, but as a group they can support each other, and while the group is still creating itself, they are willing to take their time to do things well so the rewards of the future will be maximised. While they have already appointed a board, carefully selected to be gender-balanced and as effective as possible, they are still in the process of writing their constitution – something that is going to take a little time due to the fact that every decision is made completely democratically.

While they have a huge amount of energy and focus on helping each other, their major concern is water. At the moment they get their water from a small stream down a steep slope, which is very often low on water due to the climate. They hope that together they can raise the money to get piped water connected.